Corinthian Yacht Club
Corinthian Yacht Club


The Corinthian Yacht Club has a long tradition of sailing and racing excellence. Since CYC's founding in 1886 racing has been guided by the principle of Corinthian competition, displaying the highest standards of sportsmanship. Our racing members have distinguished themselves and Corinthian Yacht Club locally, nationally and internationally. 

CYC race committees host some fifty races a year, both on the CYC Race Deck and on the water, at venues popular with all the top yacht clubs. The CYC Race Council has been effective in attracting championship regattas of both national and international importance. The CYC race program enables sailors from all over the world to visit CYC, one of the most beautiful yacht clubs in the world, and sail in the world-renowned San Francisco Bay.

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You don't have to race to participate in a regatta. Volunteers run the races as part of the Race Committee. Learn more about racing by becoming a Race Committee volunteer.

Corinthian Yacht Club


CYC offers members two CD programs from NorthU, designed for beginner and experienced racers. The CDs are available from the CYC office for a two week checkout.

One of the best tools for understanding racing rules of sailing, the program takes you through each of the rules, step by step. First the rule is explained, then a graphic depiction shows how it works, and video clips show what the rule scenario looks like on the water.

Learn from the best. Give yourself and your boat the competitive edge needed to enhance performance and make smart tactical decisions on the race course.  

Corinthian Yacht Club