Corinthian Yacht Club
Corinthian Yacht Club

Useful Links

Below is a listing of useful resources for Corinthian and Bay Area boaters alike.

Tides and Weather

Click Here to get the latest weather information for the Bay.
Click Here to get tide and current information for our area.  Get a leg up on the competition. Stay safe! 

The Yacht Racing Association of San Francisco Bay

The Corinthian Yacht Club proudly supports the YRA and hosts several regattas a year for this important organization. YRA is the primary organization supporting competitive racing in Northern California. Their efforts to promote, coordinate and administer organized racing, help make competitive sailing in the Bay Area possible. Click Here for YRA website.

US Sailing

US Sailing provides leadership, integrity and advancement for the sport of sailing, and are the recognized leader in training and certification for the sport. Click Here for US Sailing website. 

Racing Rules of Sailing

Corinthian Yacht Club regattas are conducted in accordance to the Racing Rules of Sailing. The purpose of The Racing Rules of Sailing is to keep sailors and boats safe and to provide fair competition. The Racing Rules of Sailing are published every four years, beginning the year after the Summer Olympics, by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF). They govern sailboat racing around the world. Click Here for racing rules.

Corinthian Yacht Club
Corinthian Yacht Club