Corinthian Yacht Club
Corinthian Yacht Club


The club sponsors a number of annual boating related events, many open to non-members. Please check the calendar for specific dates and details.

  • Opening Day and the Blessing of the Fleet
    •  The traditional Opening Day ceremony can be traced to the 1800s with the opening of the drawbridge at Beach Road and Main Street in Belvedere to allow arks and boats back into the bay after wintering in the Belvedere Lagoon. In 1963 the Corinthian created the blessing of boats as a part of Opening Day. It is still held every year in Raccoon Strait, just off the clubhouse. 2016 Opening Day will be April 23-24. 

  • Women's Sailing Seminar
    • As part of the club mission of sailing education, the Corinthian Women offer an introductory/intermediate weekend seminar. Now in its third decade, the two-day weekend class features customized teaching materials, classroom instruction, and time on the water. Classes are in mis-May and open to all women.
      For more information and to sign up click here.

  • Wooden Boat Show
    • Jesse Reutter, general manager, membership, CMAA, Club Managers of America, Landfall, Wimington

      With multiple goals of preserving wood vessels as well as supporting educational programs, the Master Mariners Boating Association holds their annual Wooden Boat Show in the Corinthian Harbor. On display are as many as 35 beautifully maintained wooden sailboats, open to on-board tours. The show draws both sailors and non-sailors from throughout the state and is held each year in late June.

Corinthian Yacht Club
Corinthian Yacht Club