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Corinthian guest docks, dining room, and bar are available to reciprocal clubs, and to participants in regattas.

Advance reservations are generally needed; check with the club (call (415) 435-4771 or email) in advance to determine space availability.
Due to space limitations, parking at the club is reserved for members only. There is a public lot located across the street.

Harbor Entrance: 37° 52.33’N 122° 27.31’W
VHF 68 - WQND861
Office: (415) 435-4771
Harbormaster: (415) 302-5083

When visiting other than at a regatta, please stop by the office to register with your club's membership card. The bar and dining room are then available on a credit card basis (no cash).

If arriving by boat, it's important to make advance arrangements with the club. Because of CYC’s proximity to some popular establishments, it must necessarily limit unannounced dock usage. Visiting yachts must fly their home club burgee and check in with the office.
An aerial view of the harbor can be found HERE.

  • Dock & House Rules
    • The following rules apply:

      • Cell phone use and smoking are not permitted in the Clubhouse.

      • Dogs and other pets are required to remain on the lower deck. A dog station is provided there.

      • Visitors must register with the front office.

      • Children must be supervised by responsible adults and may not sit or stand at the bar.

      For a complete listing of House rules, please click HERE.

      Our guest dock is aft of slip A-14 at the end of the "A" berthing line, which is the southernmost berthing line, on the extreme left, as you enter the harbor (see map below). The Guest Dock is for temporary use only. In order to provide maximum accommodation for visiting yachts, it is necessary to restrict use of the guest dock to boats under 52' in length. For the layout of the docks please click here.

      Regardless of the intended length of stay, kindly contact the club office or Harbor Master before leaving your home port to ensure space availability.

      Upon arrival at the CYC harbor, check in and register with a club official (Office or Harbor Master) and sign the Club's guest register. The presentation of a current membership card from a recognized PICYA club is also required.

      Guest tie-ups are $1.00 per linear foot per night. The first night is free for members of clubs extending the same courtesy to Corinthian cruisers.

      Kindly check out with the club office prior to departure.

  • Club Office
    • The office is located in the Clubhouse and can be reached by phone on (415) 435-4771. Office hours are Wednesday through Sunday, 10:00 a.m. -- 6:00 p.m.; Closed on Mondays & Tuesdays.

  • Dining Room
    • The Club Dining Room affords an elegant atmosphere and a glorious view of the Bay. It is open for lunch and dinner on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Reservations are recommended and can be made through the Club office or by calling 435-4771.

      Wednesday and Thursday
      Bar open 5:00pm
      Bar Menu available 5-8pm


      Bar opens at 11:30am         
      2-5pm        Starting Line Menu available                
      5-8:30pm   Full Sail Menu available              
      Lunch        12 Noon-2:00pm in the Member’s Dining Room                   
      Dinner        5:30-8:30pm in the Member’s Dining Room           
      Full menu available in bar and Member’s Dining Room 
      During the Friday Night Race (April through September), The Pelican Grill is open Friday 6:00pm - 9:30pm  

      Bar opens at 11:00am
      2-5pm        Starting Line Menu available
      5-8:30pm   Full Sail Menu available
      Lunch        12 noon-2:00pm in the Member’s Dining Room
      Dinner        5:30 - 8:30pm in the Member’s Dining Room 

      Bar opens at 11:00am
      2-5 pm       Starting Line Menu available
      5-8:00 pm  Full Sail Menu available
      Brunch       11:00-2:00pm in the Member’s Dining Room
      Dinner        5:00-8:00pm in the Member’s Dining Room
  • Gate Card
    • For security reasons the property is fenced and protected by a locked gate. A GATE CARD may be obtained from the club office upon payment of a security deposit of $20.

  • Heads and Showers
    • New HEADS and SHOWERS are located below the Clubhouse and are open twenty-four hours.  Clubhouse level HEADS require a keycard for access after hours through the rear entrance on the north side of the building

  • Ice and Beverages
    • Ice is available from the machine located on the main dock level adjacent to the blue covered dingy racks. Beverages are available for purchase from the bar.

  • Shore Power
    • Power on the floats is 30 amps but not available in all locations and require marine grade connectors. Overloads will trip circuit breakers that then need to be reset.

  • Additional Requirements
    • Visiting skippers are responsible for their vessels and for those aboard their vessels.

      Members and visitors are expected to wear shoes, trousers and shirts in the dining and bar areas. * The Bar is open only to members and their bona fide guests and to visitors who possess a membership card from a club having reciprocal club privileges. * Bringing of liquor onto the property is allowed as long as consumed on your boat. All liquor consumed in Club buildings or other facilities must be served or furnished by the Club. * Parents are requested to supervise their children carefully in the harbor areas as well as in the Clubhouse. Skateboarding and rollerskating are not allowed on the premises. * Dogs are not permitted on the Club level or inside the Clubhouse. * Guest boats may not perform repairs of any kind without the expressed permission of the Club management. * Use of transom barbecues are prohibited by the Fire Marshal. * Please do not set up any obstructions on the docks such as chairs, tables, barbecues, etc. * Trash containers are located near the main gate.

      For a complete listing of House rules, please click HERE.

Corinthian Yacht Club
Corinthian Yacht Club