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Corinthian Yacht Club members have many different types of vessels – sailboats and motor yachts, dinghies and kayaks and paddleboards. Some used to own boats, others plan to own one. Some race, some cruise around the world, some just sail San Francisco Bay and consider it heaven. The Corinthian Yacht Club of San Francisco welcomes all.

The categories of membership are Regular (and Regular Spousal for couples, although only one membership vote is allowed per household); Race; Crew; Junior; and Associate. There are also categories for Non-Resident, Honorary, and Life Members.

Junior members are under the age of 21. Race members are yacht owners or charters who enroll his or her yacht in the Club and race exclusively under the burgee of the Club. Crew members are a scheduled member of the crew of a club-enrolled sailing yacht. A Non-Resident is a former Regular member who now lives more than 50 statute miles from the Club. Associate members are those who join the Club while currently living more than 50 statute miles from the Club.

Life members are former Regular members who have maintained membership in the Club for 35 years (at least 25 of which have been as a Regular member) and who have attained the age of 60.

Prospective members need to complete an application, which requires three sponsors who are current members of the club. If necessary, the Membership Committee will make introductions to possible sponsors.

The applications are posted in the clubhouse for at least 20 days. If no objections are raised, the applicant shall progress through the membership Committee’s investigation, screening and review process that includes a formal interview.

The application is then presented to the Board of Directors for final approval. The process can take three to four months, depending on the application submission date.  

For additional information please call Natalia at 415.435.4771. Application downloads are available on this page.

Corinthian Yacht Club
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