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On June 8 and 9, 2019, 9am to 4pm, The Corinthian Women celebrate 34 years of inspiring women to sail by hosting the Women's Sailing Seminar (WSS), a weekend of instruction packed with sailing and fun. It is designed for beginning women sailors as well as those who would like to refresh their sailing skills.

Both mornings begin with breakfast followed by active classroom instruction in the upstairs ballroom at CYC. The first day covers preparing to sail (clothing, safety, equipment), boat terminology, how sailboats work, reading the wind and points of sail, and some knots, for good measure. Day 2 reviews Day 1, and adds finer points about rules of the road, basic navigation, tides and weather, sail trim and more.

Both afternoons are spent on the Bay, sailing, in small groups so students gets a chance to put their new knowledge to work. Each boat has an experienced skipper and an instructor to assist and answer any questions. All volunteers are patient teachers/sailors. Having once been novices themselves, they are delighted to be sharing their passion of sailing with you.

 The Seminar finishes on Sunday afternoon with a 'We-Did-It! Graduation Party' on the deck. Although the party’s fun, reports are that the sailing is the best part.

Become more knowledgeable and confident as you begin or renew your interest in sailing. The weekend is instructional and fun (check our Facebook page).

Sign up for this popular event HERE 

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Corinthian Yacht Club


"Had the best time and will definitely recommend this sailing seminar to other women. The time spent both in class and on the water was perfect. Great for the beginner."

"The price was right and the excitement and acceptance by everyone at CYC was incredible."

"I LOVED the seminar–everyone was so warm and welcoming and made me feel comfortable to be a Beginner."

"I loved hearing the stories of “How I got started and where I ended up” - The instructors & the facilities were TOP OF THE LINE."

"I was so impressed that the guys who taught us were clearly very experienced and competent, but never made anyone feel like they asked a dumb question. Everyone was very humble and knowledgeable."

"I loved finally getting clear on some basics, that I’d always felt embarrassed about not knowing - Port vs. Starboard. Doing that silly little exercise of standing up and turning and being quizzed repeatedly, I finally really got it."

"I thought the balance of classroom/water was good and I loved the hands on experience."

"The actual sailing was my favorite part!!"

Corinthian Yacht Club