Corinthian Yacht Club
Corinthian Yacht Club

Sailor Of The Year

Each year Corinthian Yacht Club honors a sailor who best exemplifies the 'Corinthian Spirit' on the water. This individual is publicly presented with the Club's prestigious Sailor of the Year award at the Annual Meeting of the Membership, a time-honored tradition.

The Sailor of the Year is chosen by the three previous honorees and a closely guarded secret making the big reveal all the more special to the honoree and membership alike. Sometimes honorees are sailors of international renown, holding world records. Sometimes they are small boat sailors who have mastered every eddy and current in San Francisco Bay. But they always exemplify the sportsmanship, mindfulness and joy of a Corinthian. The three most recent:

  • 2017 Sailor of the Year

    • J

  • 2016 Sailor of the Year
  • 2015 Sailor of the Year
    • Julle Levicki and Min Flicka


  • 2014 Sailor of the Year
    • Jeanne Lacy and Shearwater


  • 2013 Sailor of the Year
    • Chip McGeath and Criminal Mischief

  • Previous Honorees
    • 2012 Daniel Thielman
      2011 Blake Davis
      2010 Charles James
      2009 Jytte & Peter Birnbaum
      2008 Jan Borjeson
      2007 Ted Goldbeck
      2006 Andy Costello
      2005 Michael Moradzadeh
      2004 Loren Mebine
      2003 John Nooteboom
      2002 Marcia Peck
      2001 Herb Meyer
      2000 Charlie Brochard
      1999 Kay Rudiger
      1998 Steve Schneider
      1997 Kjell Skaar
      1996 Bob Thalman
      1995 John Colver
      1994 Peter Hogg
      1993 Jim Snow

Corinthian Yacht Club
Corinthian Yacht Club