Corinthian Yacht Club
Corinthian Yacht Club

Club Vision & Mission


(as defined in Article III of the CYC Bylaws) is:
To foster and encourage Corinthian yachting; to advance, promote and improve the mechanical arts and sciences as applied to the drafting of plans for, and the modeling and building of, boats, yachts, and other vessels; and to promote and increase the efficiency of its Members and others in the science of navigation and the art of handling and sailing yachts and other vessels.


The Corinthian Yacht Club will be the most inviting yacht club in the Bay area for members who share a passion for yachting, community and camaraderie and an appreciation for a beautiful haven that embodies a spirit of congeniality, graciousness, informality and authenticity.


Cultivate a diverse membership with shared interests and passionately promote and uphold our reputation as a club dedicated to providing an outstanding boating, recreational, dining and social experience for our members, guests and the community.

Provide an inviting environment that embraces the Corinthian spirit by encouraging and offering opportunities for learning, instilling the value of safety and sportsmanship, and fostering success in yachting, sailing, cruising and other water- based activities, thereby enabling our members to reach their highest potential and maximize their enjoyment.

Advocate and support a wide spectrum of racing activities, including one-design, inshore and offshore racing, and attract and conduct world-class regattas, programs and events.

Provide an exceptional dining and bar experience and offer a variety of social activities and events (formal, casual, family, traditional, new) that cultivate friendship and fellowship among members and inspire a sense of pride and passion in their club.

Encourage, facilitate and promote volunteerism for club committees, events and activities.

Continue to enhance our prominence as a unique and historic yacht club – a true “Jewel of the Bay” – by appropriately maintaining, enhancing and maximizing the use of our priceless waterfront facility and harbor.

Corinthian Yacht Club
Corinthian Yacht Club